Sprouting Fresh New Benefits

Lately I’ve been following Dr. Rhonda Patrick (Check out her blog at who I find absolutely fascinating, although, “science ahead warning”, she can get quite academic if you’re not prepared for the deep dive.

While watching her YouTube channel I learned more about the benefits of different types of sprouts and the micronutrients they contain.  She’s got great ideas on using them in your smoothies and salads.  While vegetables have always been a great source of micronutrients for me it seems like the freshly sprouted seeds offer some of the most benefit.  So after sufficient research I decided to take a try at sprouting on my own.  You can buy sprouts in most healthy grocery stores, but when it comes to fresh you can’t beat growing your own!  I bought a sprouting container from A. Vogel bioSnacky and decided to start with one of Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s favourites, broccoli seeds, for their high sulforaphane content.

Wait…Sulforaphane? What’s that?

  • Broccoli sprouts are highest in sulforaphane a compound that promotes detoxification by boosting the antioxidant capacity of cells.  Sulforaphane also has a long list of benefits including: lowers cholesterol, increases alcohol tolerance, combats cardiovascular disease, boosts the immune system, fights bacterial or fungal infections, reduces inflammation, helps people with depression or anxiety, improves cognitive function, protects against GI injury, improves liver function, detoxes airborne toxins, protects the kidney, supports hair growth, and may even support pregnancy and newborn health.

Sulforaphane and other antioxidants aside, here are some highlighted benefits of sprouts:

  • high in vitamin A, C, and K
  • contain fibre, manganese, riboflavin, copper, protein, thiamine, niacin, b6, pantothenic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium
  • promote proteolytic enzymes that help digest proteins and carbs
  • contain 10-100x the glucoraphanin (enzyme inducer) compared to a mature vegetables

As mentioned above sprouts make a terrific addition to your healthy meal and I’ve found a regular pairing along side my free range organic eggs in the morning.

Health benefits and facts referenced here

Dr. Rhonda Patrick 47 min very informative video here

A shorter article by Dr. Mercola Here


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