Getting my Green Thumb

After years talking about wanting an indoor herb garden I finally got one!  Last Saturday my fiancé and I set out for a day date at our local garden centre.  What we thought would be a quick trip turned into an entire afternoon.  We ended up being those customers that you can’t get rid of, at least until we heard the ‘We are closing in 5 minutes so get your butt to the till’ announcement.

I’m really excited to share future posts with individual recipes and health benefits of all the herbs, but for now I’ll just mention some of the general benefits you get from growing your own indoor herb garden.

1. Add flavour and nutrients to your meals.
2. Full of Specific antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. 
3. Food as fresh as you can get it.
4. Save money and waste less by clipping only what you need.
5. Connect to nature by growing your own food.


My fiancé and I hadn’t done a ton of research before our trip to the garden centre, we had an idea of what we might want but ultimately ended up winging it.  Thanks to the support staff at West Coast Florals we came out of there pretty confident we could successfully build our own herb garden.  Luckily the employees were equally as excited and passionate as we were, and didn’t seem to mind us bending their ear all afternoon. 

What we purchased at West Coast Floral:

Planting box
Plant Food(Fertilizer)

As soon as we were home we got right to work and planted our rosemary, chives, dill, and mint in the planting box.  We added holes to the planting box for drainage, and made sure to give the herbs enough space to grow.  We left more space by the mint because we learned that mint grows fast and tends to take over.  We then planted the cilantro and lavender in their own pots because these herbs also tend grow fast and yield a lot.

Tips for tending to an indoor herb garden:
1. Expose them to sufficient natural sunlight.
2. Make sure to have proper draining to keep them from rotting.
3.  Trim regularly.
4. Feed the soil with a fertilizer.
5. Research the herbs so you can sufficiently care for them.


That’s it for now! Stay tuned for future blog posts on the health benefits of the herbs I’m growing and some delicious recipes.

Check out my previous article here for some spring power foods to get you on track to feeling your best 


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