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How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy By: Paul Chek

Paul Chek how to eat move and be healthyFirst off I probably reference this book on a weekly if not daily basis. I attended a CHEK Institute HLC (Holistic Life Coaching) Level 1 course in 2015.  In the course we used this book for most of the material that was covered. How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy will help guide you to addressing your own individual needs to feeling better, improving energy and looking your best.  It starts with a questionnaire then helps you build an eating, exercise, and healthy lifestyle plan that fits your individual needs. If you click the link here they have an e-book special to download this book for only $4 Big Life Journal for kids 
I would recommend this journal to anyone with kids. Even just signing up for newsletter comes with a lot of benefits. When you subscribe to their mailing list you get free PDF downloads for journal entries that you can do together with your kids. Benefits Journalling Include:
·· Higher Self Esteem
·· Becoming more resilient and less afraid of failure
·· More confidence when faced with challenges
·· Better understanding of navigating emotions