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 Headspace App: Meditation/Mindfulness headspace

Headspace looks at meditation as exercise for the brain.  It’s been proven that meditating daily will have positive influence on your mood, focus, stress, and much more.  Through meditation you can start to rewire your brain, this will help increase your more positive traits like focus, decision making, and happiness, and lessen unwanted ones such as fear, anxiety, and anger. For a video and amore in depth explanation visit my blog post here.



BioSnacky A. Vogel

Biosnacky: Sprouting
I use this to grow my own sprouts at home.  Every week I make a new batch of sprouts and then freeze them for my smoothies in the following week.  I found that this way of growing them seems to yield the most in the 3-4 days. For a post on the many benefits of sprouting visit my blog post here.